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We Help Co-working spaces, Hubs, Shared Offices, Private Offices, Exotic Restaurants, Cafes & Lounges manage, monetize and market their spaces

More features
than you'll ever need

Digitize & Track Important Metrics
  • Manage subscription Plans
  • Manage Multiple workspace locations
  • Manage users of your workspace
  • Location check-in & exit time tracking
  • Internal and External Board rooms and Meeting rooms bookings
  • Payment and management
  • Complains lodging CRM
  • Events broadcasting, posting, and invitation systems
  • Virtual identification systems
Maximize Workspace Profits
  • Create &Track Invoices
  • Financial Management tools
  • Receive payments
  • Track subscription, expenditures, financial reports, and forecasting
  • Receive and process payments online & offline
Manage People And Processes
  • Internet & Device Access Management, and Analytics
  • Guest management systems to invite, verify and manage guest visitations to your workspace locations
  • Get specific features built for you at zero cost by sending in description of how you want it to work.

More features
than you'll ever need

For Managers

  • Manage Multiple workspace locations
  • Manage subscription Plans
  • Manage your facilities
  • Manage users of your workspace
  • Robust virtual identification system

…and so much more.

For users

  • Manage all subscribed workspaces
  • Manage invoices and payments
  • Recurring payments
  • Facilities bookings/reservations
  • Guest management

…and so much more.

For teams

  • Manage team members subscription
  • Facilities booking
  • List of benefit to teams
  • List of benefit to teams
  • List of benefit to teams

…and so much more.


$ 35 .00
and yes , we mean it.

Our goal is to provide you with all the software & digital tool, features and extensions to run a successful workspace without worrying about upfront cost. Your success means our success!

We charge 3.5% which is added to your subscription fee on every user your workspace manages through our software solution

i.e Your subscription charge + 3.5% of it = Listed subscription Price


Our solution is for co-working spaces, Private offices, hubs, shared offices, private offices, exotic restaurants, cafes, lounges, commercial properties, and their managers to manage, market and monetize their space.
After signup and you’ve filled in all details and pictures of your workspace, your account will be activated and you can start managing your workspace from the platform. You can, therefore, send a link to your client to see your workspace offerings and make payment.
No, they will not. Your client only sees the link to the workspace you send to them E.g, if your workspace name is “xyzzc Hackspace”, your unique link could be “”, your client only sees the content of that page.
They follow the link you’ve sent to them, click on an offer on your workspace, sign in/signup, and then pay.
Yes, you can. Just click on the add user link on your dashboard, fill in all the required details. The user gets an email to confirm and make payment.
Check your inbox, spam, or other folders in your email. Still didn’t find it? sign-in, if you’ve not clicked on the confirmation link, it should prompt you to resend the confirmation link.
Absolutely! You can add as many workspace locations as you like to your account and manage them all individually, and collectively.
Your clients can pay for subscription of multiple team members or add them to their own subscription for private offices through their accounts so you always know who walks into your space.
Our solution comes with a guest management tool with Check-in & Check-out feature for your clients, their teams, and guests. Hence, you can keep track of who is in your facility, who their host is, and many other features.
We process payment using multiple payment processors, and hence you get funds in your account between 24-48hrs as advised by the payment processor. You can also process payment manually through direct deposit into your account, Nevertheless, an Admin of each workspace would need to approve every payment against each user manually.
Yes, we do! We do that through multiple other channels, content creation, social media, etc.Nevertheless, it is an opt-in option you have to activate with each workspace
Let us know the feature you need, describe it as best as possible, and sent it through the “suggest a feature” form on the options tab when you sign-in. We’ll reach out to you and get it done.

We are constantly improving our software with new features tailored to serve you better.
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